Van Life Wall Art Collection by Pretty Little Decals

Transform Your Van into a Moving Masterpiece

Embrace the spirit of adventure with Pretty Little Decals' Van Life Wall Art Collection. Specially curated for the nomadic at heart, our selection brings you the very best in unique, custom, and handmade pieces designed to make your caravan not just a vehicle, but a home. Lightweight, removable, and utterly stylish, our decals are the perfect companion for your road-bound lifestyle.

Why Choose Our Van Life Decals?

Versatile and Vibrant Designs: Our collection features an array of designs that reflect the freedom and joy of van life. From serene landscapes to inspirational quotes and bohemian patterns, each piece is a testament to the beauty of the journey.

Lightweight and Easy to Apply: We understand that space and weight are at a premium when you're on the road. Our decals are not only lightweight and won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your van, but they’re also incredibly easy to apply, making them the ideal choice for quick and effortless decoration.

Removable & Reusable: Change your style as often as you change your location. Our wall art is designed to move with you, easily removable without leaving residue, and reusable, so you can take your favourite designs wherever you roam.

Decorating Your Caravan Made Simple

Stylish, Affordable Decor: Who says you can't have a stunning interior on the move? Our van life decals are an affordable way to add a touch of style and personality to your caravan. Create a space that's as unique as your journey, without breaking the bank.

Take It With You: Selling your van or upgrading? Our wall art can go with you, ensuring that no matter where you’re headed next, your personal touch comes too.

Featured in Our Van Life Collection

  • Nature and Adventure Themes: Embrace the outdoor essence with decals featuring mountains, forests, and oceans.
  • Inspirational Travel Quotes: Keep the wanderlust alive with motivational quotes that inspire your next adventure.
  • Bohemian and Abstract Patterns: Add a touch of boho chic or modern art flair to your space with our diverse patterns.

Find Your Perfect Van Companion

Discover the ultimate selection in van life decor with Pretty Little Decals. Whether you're looking to refresh your caravan's look or starting from scratch, our Van Life Wall Art Collection is here to help you decorate your caravan in a way that’s lightweight, cheap, and stylish. Explore now and start your journey to a more beautiful, personalised van life.